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Automated Enumeration of Total Viable Count in Food
Method Type Total Viable Count (TVC)
Kit Name TEMPO Total Viable Count (TVC)
Company Info bioMérieux, Inc., Hazelwood, MO, USA
Analyte Aerobic Microorganism,
Aerobic Microorganism/Total Aerobic Microorganisms,
Analytical Technique Total Viable Count (TVC)
Equipment Microbiological/Aerobic Count Plates,
Microbiological/Aerobic Plate Counting,
Microbiological/Coliform Count Plates,
Microbiological/Plate Assay,
Microbiological/Plate Counting
Matrices Beef/Raw Ground Beef,
Chicken/Raw Ground Chicken,
Dairy Products/Milk
Approved By AOAC
Method Number 2008.10
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