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Pesticide Residues in Foods by Acetonitrile Extraction and Partitioning with Magnesium Sulfate
Analyte Pesticide Residues/Carbaryl,
Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues/Atrazine,
Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues/Bifenthrin,
Synthetic Pyrethroids/Bifenthrin,
Organochlorine Pesticide Residues/Endosulfan sulfate,
Pesticide Residues
Analytical Technique Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry QuEChERS
Equipment Chromatography,
Chromatography/Gas Chromatography,
Gas Chromatography/Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry,
Liquid Chromatography/Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Matrices Foods,
Fruits and Fruit Products/Oranges,
Fruits and Fruit Products/Grapes
Approved By AOAC
Method Number 2007.01
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