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About Method Search
Keyword Search
In keyword search, the word(s) you search for are matched to the following method description fields:

  • Method Name
  • Method Type
  • Kit Name/Proprietary Equipment
  • Company Info
  • Analyte
      Common Name
      Other Synonyms
      Chemical Name
      Chemical Abstract No.
  • Primary Analytic Technique
  • Secondary Analytic Technique
  • Equipment/Technique
  • Matrices
  • Approved by
  • Method Number
  • Validation Category
  • Regulatory Method
  • Method Source
Category Search
Produces a conjunctive (logical operator AND) query among method description fields and a disjunctive query (logical operator OR) within each method field. Example: Analyte [Bacteria OR Molds] AND Approved by [AACC or AFNOR] AND Regulatory FDA-FSIS
Full Text Search
Searches for the specified word or phrase in method PDF files except method titles.
Advance Search
Combines elements of the preceding searches (Text, Category, and Full Text) to enable more complex queries. The results are exclusive, logical operator AND, they must satisfy all the conditions specified.
SMPRs Search